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Complete datasets used in this study

MeDIP and MRE:

Sample MeDIP MRE
Breast Luminal Epithelial Cells 1 GSM493615 GSM493620
Breast Luminal Epithelial Cells 2 GSM613856 GSM613833
Breast Luminal Epithelial Cells 3 GSM613843 GSM613818
Breast Myoepithelial Cells 1 GSM543017 GSM493624
Breast Myoepithelial Cells 2 GSM613857 GSM613834
Breast Myoepithelial Cells 3 GSM613846 GSM613821
Breast Stem Cells 1 GSM543019 GSM493626
Breast Stem Cells 2 GSM613859 GSM613837
Breast Stem Cells 3 GSM613847 GSM613907
CD4 Memory Cells 4 GSM613862 GSM613842
CD4 Memory Cells 5 GSM613914 GSM613903
CD4 Memory Cells 6 GSM669608 GSM669599
CD4 Naive Cells 4 GSM543025 GSM543011
CD4 Naive Cells 5 GSM613913 GSM613901
CD4 Naive Cells 6 GSM669607 GSM613920
CD8 Naive Cells 4 GSM543027 GSM543013
CD8 Naive Cells 5 GSM613917 GSM613905
CD8 Naive Cells 6 GSM669609 GSM613923
Fetal Brain 7 GSM669614 GSM669604
Fetal Brain 8 GSM669615 GSM669605
H1ES Replicate 1 GSM543016 GSM428286
H1ES Replicate 2 GSM456941 GSM450236
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells 6 GSM669606 GSM613919
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells 4 GSM543023 GSM543009
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells 5 GSM613911 GSM613898

H3K4me3 and H3K4me1:

Sample H3K4me3 H3K4me1
Fetal Brain 7 GSM806943 GSM806942
H1ES Replicate 1 GSM410808 GSM434762
CD8 Naive Cells GSM613811 GSM613814
PBMC GSM1127126 GSM1127143
Breast Myoepithelial Cells 2 GSM613869 GSM613870

Whole-genome sequencing:

Fetal Brain 8 Link (hosted in own site)

Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing:

H1ES GSM429321 GSM429322 GSM429323 GSM432685 GSM432686

DNase I Hypersensitivity:

Fetal Brain GSM878651
H1ES GSM878616

Mouse datasets used in this study

MeDIP and MRE:

Sample MeDIP MRE
Mouse ES GSM881346 GSM881347
Mouse Neuron GSM1299110 GSM1299111