Data description

We selected 18 samples which were analyzed by using MeDIP-seq and MRE-seq in Roadmap Epigenomics project, then appied methylMnM to discover Differential Methylated Regions(DMRs) at tissue level, cell type level, and individual level. The details could be found in...

You could also browser all DNA methylome and DMRs in genome browser:

Tissue-spcific DMRs

18 samples belongs to 4 tissue types: H1 ESC, blood, breast, and brain.

Tissue-spcific DMRs
H1 ESC Adult Blood Adult Breast Fetal Brain
Hypermethylated DMRs 593 229 115 0
Hypomethylated DMRs 128 496 463 751

Cell type-specific DMRs

Here we only show two sets of cell type-spcific DMRs: Breast Myoepithelial Vs. Breast Luminal epithelial; and CD4 Naive cell Vs. CD4 memory cell.

Cell type-specific DMRs in breast
Luminal epithelial Myoepithelial
Hypomethylated DMRs 2826 6213

Cell type-specific DMRs in blood
CD4 Naive cell CD4 memory cell
Hypomethylated DMRs 349 287

Individual-specific DMRs

In 18 samples, 16 came from 6 indivudals. Here we show individual-specific DMRs in 3 paired individuals

Individual-specific DMRs
DMRs in adult blood DMRs in adult breast DMRs in fetal brain
Number of DMRs 310 55 307